“Secrets About Women and Sex…”

January 14, 2010

Bobby Bradshaw
2 Girls Teach Sex

You have probably thought about what it would be like to be a rockstar in the bedroom, every man has. Unfortunately most men will never take the time to make it happen. You’re are one of the few who took the initiative and found this webpage. Congratulations. Now here are 5 Secrets about women you must know before you continue…

Secret #1) A Woman Will Never Tell You If You Suck In Bed.

While a woman will complain for hours to her girlfriends about how clumsy and clueless you are in the bedroom… she will never, ever, EVER tell you.

A woman would rather put up with “average” sex than risk of telling you and hurting your feelings.

Instead, she’ll usually just FAKE like she’s enjoying it.

Have you ever worried that a woman might be “faking it” when she’s with you?

If so, you’re not alone. Women “fake it” all the time.

This can cause a serious problem…

Since a woman won’t ever tell you that you suck in bed, a lot of times guys never know that they are doing anything wrong.

(Some guys are even fooled into thinking that they are “good”!)

When in reality… the woman is lying there wishing she was with someone who really knew what they were doing… so she wouldn’t have to fake it.

>>Key takeaway: Many guys who are bad in bed don’t know it! (I used to be one of them…)

Secret #2) A Woman Will Always Leave A Guy Who Is Bad In Bed.

So will a woman stay with a man who is just “ok” in bed?

Sure… until she finds someone else.

If you’ve ever had a woman you were sleeping with all of a sudden lose interest in you and didn’t know why… this was probably the reason.

>>Key takeaway: A woman will always LEAVE a man who is bad in bed! Sure, she will usually wait until she finds someone new… but she will always leave.

Secret #3) A Woman HATES Showing You How To Please Her

So why won’t a woman just show you how to please her in bed?

Well, let me ask you this – would you ever date a girl who was 40 pounds overweight and dressed like your brother with the thought that you would SHOW HER how to start eating right, going to the gym, and dressing more feminine?

Hell no!

Just like you don’t want to SHOW a woman how to be a woman… a woman doesn’t want to SHOW YOU how to be a man.

And in a woman’s eyes, a HUGE part of being a man – perhaps the most important part – is knowing how to rock her world in the bedroom.

The last thing a woman ever wants to do is to be your sex-ed teacher. Just the thought of showing a guy how to “do it” is so embarrassing to her that she’d rather just find someone else… no matter how well the 2 of you “click” outside of the bedroom.

>>Key takeaway: A woman’s BIGGEST turnoff is having to show you what to do in bed… so if you want to reap the rewards of being AMAZING in the bedroom… you had better learn on your own

Secret #4) It Is Relatively EASY To Make A Girl Sexually Addicted To You.

Yes, you read that right. The reasons why are simple:

* Women LOVE sex. (If you need proof of this, think about how loudly a woman screams when she is getting off! Those aren’t screams of pain you know…)

* 99% of men are TERRIBLE in bed.

* Because of this, it is very RARE that a woman gets to have great sex

* So when she does find a man who can give it to her… she wants to have sex with him ALL THE TIME!

I’m sure you’ve heard of or known couples who have sex 3+ times a day. Well guess what?

In most cases… the WOMAN is initiating it!

It’s because she loves having sex and she was fortunate enough to find one of those very rare men who knows how to give it to her right.

>>Key takeaway: When you are great in bed, a woman will become sexually addicted to you… and want to be in bed with you ALL THE TIME!

Secret #5) A Woman Will NEVER Leave A Man Who Is Great In Bed!

Unlike men, women are NOT interested in having a variety of sexual partners.

So… when a woman finds a guy who is GREAT in bed, she knows that she has found something RARE.

She will never even look at another man. I’m sure you’ve seen this happen before.

Guys who have these skills can basically do WHATEVER THEY WANT and a woman will stick with them.

Have you ever heard about a woman who is with a total jerk… but she just won’t break up with him?

THIS is usually the reason why.

>>Key takeaway: Being great in bed is the only surefire way to CHEAT-PROOF your relationship, and keep a woman interested in you and only you for as long as you desire.

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Make Her Sex Drive STRONGER Than Yours

January 14, 2010

Brianna, Special for 2 Girls Teach Sex

Often a guy will write in to me asking me how he can get more sex from his girlfriend or wife.

Do YOU have a higher sex drive than your girl as many guys SEEM to?

In reality, in many cases it is not that your girl has a low sex drive.

What is really happening is that you do not…


If this is the case often she would rather satisfy herself with a toy or in many cases give up on sex and become grouchy and irritable.

You see, full female sexual pleasure REQUIRES orgasms. Her moaning, saying its good, or letting you have sex with her IS NOT ENOUGH.

And by requiring orgasms, I mean everytime, and in a variety of places. (full body, g spot, deep spot,)

Sexual satisfaction for a woman is not “kinda” necessary; it is MANDATORY.

From an evolutionary perspective, women do not NEED to be with many men. They want to be with one man who is CAPABLE in the areas that matter to her. This includes being able to not only provide food and shetler, but also one skill that is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT. (I bet you can guess what that is! 🙂

From a biological standpoint, more important than ANYTHING is being able to produce healthy offspring. (aka a child)


If you are not giving her orgasms to demonstrate your masculine abilities then getting her to have sex is….

INSTINCT of being with a CAPABLE MAN.

On the other hand if you are giving her a variety of different orgasms and sexually satisfying her there is no reason for her to even masturbate. Masturbation pales in comparison to a sexually CAPABLE man.

If your girl is not wanting sex 3-4 times a week, then sorry but you are not satisfying her

It’s very easy to begin sexually pleasing your girl.

Start out by learning how to give her foreplay orgasm every single time. Ok, you don’t need to be able to give her one EVERY time but enough so that when you get to penetration she often comes again.(Once you begain giving your girl a foreplay orgasm, penetration orgasms become MUCH EASIER)

The easiest way to give your girl a foreplay orgasm is by stimulating her clit. Here is a way that works great:

1) Think of foreplay as PART of the sex, not as foreplay. Women love foreplay and you can keep it going until she is DESPERATE for you to be inside of her. (then you hold out more 🙂

Here are a few ways to keep foreplay going:

* Kiss her for 10-15 minutes before taking off clothes (hers or yours)

* Rub her over her pussy for 5 FULL minutes and refuse to take her panties or clothes off no matter how much she or you wants it – tell her how much she wants you AND how much you want her

If you start massaging her clit AFTER you do all this stuff then it is easy to drive her over the edge.

How to do it:

When massaging her clit start by spreading her pussy lips apart and then by using one finger in up and down strokes DIRECTLY on her clit.

Make sure she is wet, or add lube. You can vary the speed but don’t be hard or use a lot of pressure until she start bucking her hips up and down.

Once this is happening you can start holding her hips down with one hand and rubbing her clit faster. Often telling her GENTLY, “come for me baby and totally relax” will bring her over the edge.For other girls that will make them nervous that they “have” to have an orgasm. Try that line out in a soft gentle voice and you will see how it goes.

Tip: Be sure to always use it when she is bucking her hips and NEAR crossing the finish line 🙂

Enjoy this simple orgasm technique.

In the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD system you can see a very detailed demonstration of this techinique (demos are better than words 🙂 and learn over 35 tricks and techniques to give your girl a variety of orgasms.

The DVD’s are billed and shipped discreetly so NEVER worry about anything strange showing up at your door 🙂

Check them out here because who knows how to please woman better than a woman 🙂

2 Girls Teach Sex dvd

P.S. The current bonus DVD for 2 Girls Teach Sex is “secrets of squirting orgasms. If you have ever wanted to give your girl an ultra intense squirting orgasm than check this out. I’m not sure what next month’s Bonus DVD is but I’ll keep you posted!

Random Sex Tip: Variety of Sexual Experience

January 14, 2010

Special for 2 Girls Teach Sex

Dear Men

I want to talk about VARIETY

Variety is the spice of life, and it is DEFINITELY the spice of your sex life!

That is what the “V” stands for in my P.A.V.E. system and it is the topic of this week.

Here’s how to add variety to your sex life!

1) Emotional Variety

This is the most important type of variety.

Some times you should go for a romantic experience. Start with a massage and spend a TON of time with foreplay. Tell her how much you love her and how great it feels to make love to her.

Other times you should give her the authoritative and dominant style. Tear her clothes off as soon as you get in the door and talk dirty to her.

Mix it up! Don’t give her the same emotional experience every time.

2) Fantasies

Most guys don’t understand how much (emotional) fantasy is involved in a woman’s sex life.

Did you know that Danielle Steele is the seventh best selling author of all time? She has sold over 550 Million books because she knows how to turn a woman on EMOTIONALLY. Pick up a book and read it.

3) Spontanaeity

Nothing kills variety and leads to boring sex like routine.

Do you take her out every Saturday night for dinner, have a couple drinks, and then have your only sex of the week when you get home?

If this sounds like you, you need to try some of these immediately!

* Wake her up with sex

* Surprise her in the shower

* Pull over on the side of the highway and get it on in the car

* Do it in the kitchen, the living room, the ocean, the back yard

* Take a whole Saturday afternoon to do nothing but have sex

Bottom line. Sex should never be planned, routine, or obligatory.

4) Variety of Positions

When I first said variety I bet you thought I was going to write a long email about different positions.

So why have I left this for last?

Because it really isn’t that important.

Incredible sex isn’t about putting her in the reverse upside-down catepillar one night and the inverted spinning froggystyle the next…

That being said, a little variety of positions can go a long way.

There are a ton of great ideas in our DVD, “Advanced Sex Positions.” Check it out and start having incredible sex NOW!

2 Girls Teach Sex



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How to Use EMOTION to Drive Her Wild

January 14, 2010


Special from 2 Girls Teach Sex

Dear Men,

If there was just one thing I could teach you about giving your girl great sex it would be this.

You MUST turn her on EMOTIONALLY!

Most guys don’t get this because for them being turned on is much more visual and more physical.

It’s why guys go to strip clubs and girls read romance novels.

Don’t believe me? Did you know that Danielle Steel (Romance Novel Author) has sold over 550 million books and is the seventh best-selling author of all time?!

In fact, every guy should read one just to see how women fantasize about sex.

So you MUST stimulate her emotionally. Here’s how:

1) Be Verbal

It’s hard to be emotional when you are silent. And nothing turns us girls off more than being methodically pounded by a quiet robot.

Don’t know what to say? Worried about sounding stupid?

Start by simply describing what you’re doing, then tell her what you’re about to do. You can also watch my friends and I in our adult movies for some great ideas 😉

Tell her what positions to get into. Tell her to talk dirty to you, tell her how much you love her, ANYTHING is better than awkward silence.

And if you feel uncomfortable with that, start with some simple groans of pleasure.

There’s lots more great tips on how to talk during sex in our DVD series, “2 Girls Teach Sex”

2 Girls Teach Sex dvd series here

2) Range of Emotions

This is important. When I say emotions I’m not talking about always making the sex about love or romance.

Girls want to feel a range of emotions. Sometimes it is about feeling loved, other times it’s about feeling lusted for. Sometimes they want to feel that they are doing something forbidden.

Give her a range of emotions to keep her excited.

3) Teasing

Teasing is a great way to build up her emotions. Try this next time you are with your girl.

First get her really turned on with some good foreplay.

But instead of predictably leading right into sex, tease her first. Place your cock like you are about to penetrate her but don’t.

Tell her she isn’t ready for it, or tell her she has to beg for it.

Then go back to foreplay.

You can do this a few times until her anticipation builds up. When you finally do penetrate her, her response will be that much more intense.

Remember you can see LOTS more on emotion and the components of the P.A.V.E. system in my hot DVD series, “2 Girls Teach Sex ” Check it out, you’ll be glad you did 😉

two Girls Teach Sex



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